Saturday, 31 December 2011

Shit From an Old Notebook #2:
Early Learning The Hard Way.

(FIG. 4.1).

Here's something I wrote a few years ago when half of my friends appeared to be settling down while the other half of us were living out of vans and hotel rooms chasing teenage dreams of rock n roll around the world. Then my Visa went tits up and I went back to England. It was time to stop being a big baby and grow up... perhaps into a manchild like everybody else in East London.


A Sociology Lesson for Teenagers: The "Before I Reach Thirty" Index.

When you hit your mid-twenties or thereabouts you will notice a sudden spate of marriages among your contemporaries. The pattern will appear linear and you‘ll infer this is what adulthood is all about: getting your best suit dry-cleaned every three months for the rest of your life.

The reality is this is not a pattern. It is just a spike; a surge; the First Wave. Within two years there‘ll be no more weddings for the foreseeable future and, at least for the time being, your peer group will have split into two distinct camps:
• Those who chose to get married, settle down and have children.
• Those who chose to get wasted, dumb down and have abortions.

At the peak of the marriage trend, it will appear the field is wide open: "Just who's gonna make an announcement next? It could be anybody!" But in actual fact some people are more predisposed to settle down before the arbitrary thirtieth year than others. At the time it will seem impossible to tell, but looking back the signs will be painfully obvious.

FIG. 4.1: Subject displays nascent signs of arrested development and nonconformist disposition, observable through inappropriate behaviour and appearance relative to social context (he is the Wedding Photographer).

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