Wednesday 22 February 2012

Suedehead – 'Small Town Hero' Music Video Premier.

International Soul Rebels: Suedehead. Photo by D. Bahn.

A new music video I directed for mod/ soul band Suedehead is exclusively premiered and reviewed by Google Music USA here

It's funny because we did the whole thing spontaneously, driven mostly by fun and nostalgia, just making a video for a doss like in the old days. It was shot on iPhone in a day, cast and crew comprised me and my mates mucking about, and all the titles are injokes. Then Google Music really liked it and wanted to hold it back for this exclusive feature. Oh well...

The review of our "stylish video" is generous but it hits the mark pretty well, particularly as my brother and I love to "revel in the blue collar concerns and wide-eyed romantic ideals of a bygone youth." 

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